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Team Work in the Cloud

About BabelTree


Values and goals of the BabelTree project are those of the «Global Citizenship Charter»

You can read it (and sign it if you agree).


BabelTree offers powerful tools for team work and cooperation.

All components of society can create cooperation rooms, useful as soon people need to work and decide together, delegate tasks, work on a document, discuss images or photos (with laser pointer for each participant), vote or surveys etc...

The data storage in the cooperation rooms facilitates continuity and project transmission.

For project management, Organization management, citizenship cooperation, e-teaching, business or client project, internal communication.

One cooperation room can also be used for family needs (simple example : video-conference when the family is located in different areas).

But BabelTree is a network. Each one, each entity can broadcast resources and needs in all the network, to connect with new partners or find unexpected cooperation, at local or worldwide level. Beyond than an evident professional or personal benefit, this network dimension give the possibility to improve global citizenship and achieve together citizen projects, giving opportunities of social responsibility and more meaning to each one activity.





BABELTREE will never use advertising and never use your information and emails for marketing purposes outside of BabelTree. You will never have advertisements during your meetings or your work in your cooperation rooms.

This confidentiality means that BabelTree (currently in Beta version) has to find other operational resources. To remain an independent citizen project, three types of resources will be explored first:
- Fund-raising from the users;
- Official Partners : foundations, associations or companies that will appear in the list of partners, can communicate on this citizen partnership, but without any advertising in BabelTree itself;

- Subsidies;

If this can not cover the operational costs, they will be covered by monthly fees for the cooperation rooms using more than the basic package (storage has a cost) and, for the video-conferences not included in one package, a low participation fee (bandwidth has a cost).


We are active global citizens believing that each one can contribute to a better world, and that this gives more meaning to the life.

We invest since years now one part of our time and money to build this wonderful project. There is not any organization, political party, church or sect behind this humanist project ! The original founder is Alexandre MATSAKIS, one French-Greek Global Citizen living in Syros island in Greece. Jean-Marc SALIS (Technical supervision) and Nicolas GASPARINI (Chief Programmer) joined him.

BabelTree Ltd.

To join us:  Founders


The first way to help is to use BabelTree and invite other people to do so.

This is a free Beta version and we continue to add interesting functionalities and concepts, as the possibility to integrate virtual meeting offices in your own website.
But in the meantime we need also to translate BabelTree in different languages (from French or English to... all the others !). Priorities by alphabetical order: Arab, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish... Can you do something ?
We need also “Ambassadors” to promote BabelTree in their own network and abroad.
We need to develop the application for smart-phones and tablets.
And there is a lot more to do...
So, volunteers, partnerships and contributors are welcome.
Investors sensible to this citizenship dimension can be also welcome, with clear rules.

"The Best for the Group comes when everyone in the group does what's best for himself AND the group." John Nash, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (his story in the movie “A Beautiful Mind”)
Let's hope that in the end, the "Group" will be the whole humanity, which we all belong.
As BabelTree allows you very efficient online teamwork with your groups, but gives then the possibility of a broader cooperation...